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“And that was the moment, there in the darkness of the hall, hidden from sight behind the thick oak door, that was the moment when I fell in love with him.”

Quote from Our Song by Dani Atkins.



The Night Book // Book Review

The Night Book
by Richard Madeley


It’s 1976 and the hottest summer in memory. What better way to cool off than with a swim in the lakes? But just below the inviting surface a layer of icy water remained, and that’s when the drownings began. What better way to stage a murder?


The beginning was a little slow but once the story got going I found I couldn’t put it down. Tying the plot into the 1976 heatwave was very clever. The descriptions of the lake were wonderful, I could really picture them. We have been enjoying a heatwave whilst I was reading this, I can imagine this would be the perfect holiday read.

The story had me gripped for the majority but I did find the ending to be a bit of a let down. Overall, it was a quick and enjoyable read.

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend. I have worked through this one but was kept entertained browsing through so many blogs. I’ve added so many books to my Goodreads list thanks to some awesome recommendations, so thank you!

The weather has been amazing this last few days. After so much rain and snow recently it makes me super happy to finally see some sun! I have next weekend off so I’m fiercely crossing my fingers for good weather then too. Hopefully then we can have a day out somewhere and really appreciate it.

What I’m currently reading…

I started the The Night Book by Richard Madeley on Saturday afternoon and devoured nearly half of it in one go. Such a good read so far! I love that the book is set in the Lake District during the 1976 heatwave while we’re currently enjoying hotter temperatures.

Books to read this week…

The Cuckoo’s Calling trilogy has been sat on my bookshelf for months! I might finally give it my attention this week. I also picked up I See You by Clare Mackintosh during my library haul last week. Thrillers are my favourite genre and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into it.


I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I’d love to see what you’re reading so please feel free to pingback to my post.

Our Song // Book Review

Our Song
by Dani Atkins


The story of Ally and Charlotte, who are reunited after almost 10 years through the most harrowing circumstances. When they find themselves forced together in the Relative’s Room of the ICU, anxiously waiting for news on their seriously ill husbands, they are forced to confront a past that neither of them have forgotten. While they start as unforgiving rivals, they leave as friends through shared heartbreak.


Written in blocks of past memories and present day, we learn the history of Ally & Joe and Charlotte & David and how they came to be. I really liked the way each woman’s perspective was told alongside the other, demonstrating perfectly how easily misunderstandings can be made when in the heat of the moment.

The story was so carefully revealed, with details filling in the picture of their history with each beautiful chapter. There was a little clue that allowed me to guess how the story would end, however it didn’t lessen the blow when it was finally confirmed. I unashamedly sobbed my eyes out through the last chapter.

I’m not often a lover of chick-lit books, with their mushy and often predictable story lines that I struggle to engage with. But this; it was something else. It had all of the suspense and twists that I crave, with a closing chapter that kept a lump in my throat right the way through. I’m looking forward to my next Dani Atkins book.